Dr Jason Anderson: Teacher educator, author, consultant and researcher

I am a UK-based teacher educator, educational consultant, award-winning author and researcher (University of Warwick) with extensive experience supporting teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary contexts, in Africa (18 countries), Asia (6 countries) and Europe (7 countries), both in language teaching and mainstream education.  

I have developed materials, curricula and teacher education programs for UNICEF, British Council and national ministries of education. My interest in context-specific pedagogy means that I work closely with stakeholders to ensure solutions are context-sensitive and sustainable. I am also series editor for the Delta Publishing 'Ideas in Action' series.


Educational consultant 

Leading projects for UNICEF, British Council and others.

Award-winning author

ELTON-winning, best-selling author of books for teachers.

Award-winning researcher

Articles and papers in leading journals and periodicals.

Public speaker

Plenary speaker at conferences worldwide and online.

Teacher educator

Pre-service and in-service teacher training and development.